Book cover of Code Blue Prison Officer in Danger by Bruce Perham

Code Blue: Prison Officer in Danger

A new book by Bruce Perham

The Age journalist, John Silvester, analyses Code Blue: Prison Officer in Danger by Bruce Perham.


Let’s Talk Differently specialises in the growing area of occupational fatigue within front-line responder occupations.


We have the skills and experience to hear and engage with these challenging workplace stories and the know-how to respond effectively.

Let’s Talk Differently assists people working in occupations where high levels of stress and trauma may develop.

We seek to raise awareness of occupational fatigue/burnout and provide specialist counselling, training and consulting to managers and employees working in the fields of Corrections: Police, Ambulance, Fire, SES and hospital emergency and ward staff.

Educate and support

people that work in these sectors about the psychological impacts of trauma

Provide Training

to employees on how to manage occupational fatigue, build capacity and resilience to increase their well-being and job enjoyment

Facilitate Managers

and staff to reach their full potential in these challenging environments

Assist Organisations

to develop and implement trauma-informed policies and procedures for clients and staff

Provide counselling

and educational resources for families who have a member dealing with occupational fatigue, working as a front-line responder

Minimize the risk

of employee burnout and reduce the high rate of staff turnover