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Specialising in the growing area of occupational fatigue in first responder occupations.

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Trauma from the Frontline
with Bruce Perham


Book cover of Code Blue Prison Officer in Danger by Bruce Perham

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The O’Rourke Interviews: Counselling a Prison Officer with a Tough Story to Tell!

by Bruce Perham

What we do

Let’s Talk Differently assists people working in occupations where high levels of stress and trauma may develop.


Supporting custodial and non-custodial officers working in the justice system.


Our own Australia-based training on managing stress, dealing with trauma, and the importance of self-care in maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle.


Information and educational materials to support people working in the justice system and their families.

I have just completed reading your book and honestly, I cannot stop the tears from falling. My husband purchased the book for me to read and I cannot thank him enough. It is very confronting to read, but also makes those of us that believe we wear a suit of armour and are untouchable to emotion, realise that we are actually very vulnerable. I am guilty of being one of those officers that pretend nothing can get through my hard exterior and everything just rolls off me with no effect. Your book has made me realize and acknowledge that that could not be further from the truth and it feels good to be human! Too often, by a myriad of professions and the general public, we are judged harshly and demeaned as insignificant. My hope is that not only do many correctional officers pick up this book and read it but so do the general public. We are in dire need over here in South Australia of experiencing the course ‘From Correction Fatigue to Fulfilment’ look forward to meeting you in the future.

Kylie O’Brien

Advanced Correctional Officer, SA Correctional Services

Book cover of Code Blue Prison Officer in Danger by Bruce Perham

Code Blue: Prison Officer in Danger

by Bruce Perham

In the media

The Age journalist, John Silvester, analyses Code Blue: Prison Officer in Danger by Bruce Perham.