Managing Stress and Dealing with Trauma

This two-hour group discussion training will very gently introduce Correction Officers/First Responders to some of the issues around Occupational Stress and Trauma and how to manage these more challenging experiences that occur in the work place and are a part of their occupational role.


  • Safe context to share stressful/trauma oriented workplace experiences in a group setting.
  • Explore ways of responding to and managing these experiences to preserve your sense of well-being and balance in life.

For: Correction Officers/First Responders

From Correction Fatigue to Fulfilment [CF2F]

This is a full day course developed by Dr Caterina Spinaris Colorado USA. This training teaches those that work in the Corrections field to

  • Identify Correction Fatigue and
  • Learn what they can do to combat it, in order to experience fulfillment in their work and home life.

For: Prison officers, probation and parole officers, community corrections officers and those working in the juvenile justice system. More information can be located in the Correction section of this website

Communication skills workshop for Senior Managers

This full-day course is designed for Senior Managers in the Correction/First Responder fields. To manage traumatized/fatigued staff effectively it is critical Managers have an understanding of trauma experiences and its psychological impact on their staff. They must also feel they have sufficient communications skills and the personal capacity to enter into discussions with staff at these difficult times.

Topics covered

  • What is occupational fatigue?
  • How to identify trauma reactions
  • How to assist trauma recovery.
  • How to have discussions with your staff about the experience.
  • The role of listening and identifying how staff process a traumatic event.
  • Occupational fatigue and when to refer staff to counselling.