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Bruce Perham

Communication Skills Workshop for Senior Corrections Managers

This full-day course is designed for Senior Managers in the Correction/First Responder fields. To manage traumatized/fatigued staff effectively it is critical Managers have an understanding of trauma experiences and their psychological impact on their staff. They must also feel they have sufficient communications skills and the personal capacity to enter into discussions with staff at these difficult times.



  • What is occupational fatigue?
  • How to identify trauma reactions
  • How to assist trauma recovery.
  • How to have discussions with your staff about the experience.
  • The role of listening and identifying how staff process a traumatic event.
  • Occupational fatigue and when to refer staff to counselling.

About the Training

  • What is trauma and how do we react to it.

  • How to identify trauma reactions in you staff

  • Your own experience of trauma and its impact on you

  • The importance of discussing trauma experiences

  • The role of listening and identifying how staff are processing a trauma event

  • Some tips on having these conversations with your staff

  • Role plays

  • When to refer staff on for professional support

Who is this training for?

  • Senior Corrections Managers


At the completion of the training, participants will have an understanding of the impact of trauma on their staff and the important role a manager plays in providing immediate post-incident support to staff. They will also have some basic conversational skills to utilize in these sessions with their staff.

About Your Trainer

Bruce has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and has delivered training to Correction Officers throughout Victoria and the ACT. Bruce places great emphasis on the training providing participants with the opportunity to share and learn from each other as well as from the facilitator.

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